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Welcome to the minds of Running With Scissors Music

Running With Scissors Music :) Welcome to the Minds of ” Running With Scissors “, We are just getting started : ) Original Music, Fashion, Art, video, studio talk, Bands, past, and Present. We love to work with Different Musicians  ( of many styles ) and together,, We try to Write some cool shit : ) You need a song for a MOVIE soundtrack? CHECK US OUT :) We might just have what you need :) Please ask us anything….well bout anything, send us something to Chat about, send your pics, send your favorite link, Scissors wants nothing more than to help  FOLKs who like Us are trying to bad dinosaur web page 500pixdo something cool Something to

leave your mark on, Running With Scissors Wants to be involved in Rock N Roll Fashion as Well as ART ( send pic, or links via email) we will post and talk about Via social media. Bad Dinosaur studio’s is a product of Running With Scissors, This is where we create Music to one day to one day be heard by the Masses :)(would love any assistance from use to make this happen, in return ( band ) Running With Scissors, Eureka Springs, AR, will continue to entertain you best we can, We do work hard :) ) Our Goal is not to get Rich, our music is free all over the internet, but do want to offer cool   fashion, shirts, jackets, anything we can make cool looking and offer this merchandise for cheap as possible, again to get Running With Scissorsmusic heard by the Masses, We Would Love to work with folks in Fashion business , Maybe you are an up start company yourself? maybe we can help each other, Help each other is what we do best in Running With Scissors music camp, Again contact us if We can help each other in any way. Do stay in touch , new music, and new stuff to come.  :) Peace You’s.

running with scissors music