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Improvise, Adapt, Overcome love to write Music.

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Dr. Crusty is : john Cummings/guitar, Kevin Horton/drums, Brad Durston/guitar, Erik Francis/bass guitar, Miles Wooden/vocals,  Dr. Crusty is a band out of Topeka Kansas, it was a very Exciting time in Music, played some great show’s with these guy’s who 3/5th’s of this band went on to do Dark Matter, have couple really close friends out of this band : ) the music was really cool and original, We recorded at the legendary “ Red House Studio ” in Lawrence Kansas, with.. Legendary Engineer  ED ROSE, This Experience was AWSOME we really enjoyed working in that studio, We have tossed around doing a show or two with this band? One never knows, please do enjoy Listening to some…DR. Crustry. Peace and thank You’s much.

A picture of the band, Dark Matter

(band)- Dark- Matter- stuff-

” Dark Matter ” is and will alway’s be : John Hindes /vocals, John Cummings /guitar, Brad Durston /guitar, Dave Tanner /bass, Kevin Horton /drums. Dark Matter is Everywhere :) but this particular band is out of the Lawrence, Topeka, Kansas, Kansas City area, We still play live show’s to AWESOME Loyal fan’s, when we can do it, All these guy’s are a big part of my life still, it is Heavy, Experimental even, but unparalleled  Music for-sure,,, in any era, Hope you enjoy Listening to some Tracks. Peace and Huge Thanks to our friend’s and Fan’s and Future Fan’s.