About Bad Dinosaur Studio’s

    Bad Dinosaur studio’s is located in Eureka Springs Arkansas and is part of Running With Scissors music / media Arts / rock N roll Fashion, Record Label.  Ok now We don’t really operate like a normal recording studio, and this is a good thing : ) We Mainly like to work with Musicians who may not Quite have there music together, but they know they want to write music, and together with a variety of musicians, such as Kevin Horton/drums, Chris Barner/vocal’s, Rain Equine/vocal’s, Jordon McKinney/bass, John Cummings/guitar and a host of others :) One other being  Johnny Lokke band/producer, with this Team effort we try to put some cool shit together,  It’s all part of Running With Scissors but each musician can have for there own personal portfolio…Everybody wins, and it’s an incredibly relaxed environment to work in, Can’t stress enough how important it is to be relaxed when recording, So many in’s and out’s to what we do Please contact us if you want to ask ANY question what so ever, We are not a Million dollar studio, but what we put out is plenty good enough to get heard by the Masses, and if that happens, well then good on you. Contact Us about anything on your mind. Thank you much, Peace. RwS.