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you are listening to Dr. Crusty out of Topeka, Kansas

(band) Dr. Crusty stuff

Dr. Crusty is : john Cummings/guitar, Kevin Horton/drums, Brad Durston/guitar, Erik Francis/bass guitar, Miles Wooden/vocals,  Dr. Crusty is a band out of Topeka Kansas, it was a very Exciting time in Music, played some great show’s with these guy’s who 3/5th’s of this band went on to do Dark Matter, have couple really close friends out of this band : ) the music was really cool and original, We recorded at the legendary “ Red House Studio ” in Lawrence Kansas, with.. Legendary Engineer  ED ROSE, This Experience was AWSOME we really enjoyed working in that studio, We have tossed around doing a show or two with this band? One never knows, please do enjoy Listening to some…DR. Crustry. Peace and thank You’s much.