" Charmaine grabs you attention "


RANT LIVE AUGUST 6th Chelsea’s corner bar :) Today is Friday July 24th and RANT Is ready to Get this Party started, been a minute since been out here, but its on now, RANT IS John Cummings Guitar, Charmaine Barton, vocals, Sage Ahava, Bass, Larry Waggoner, Drums.      RIGHT ON!!! Folks Do hope this finds you doing well :) Today is the last day of February 2-28-2015 RANT is getting Excited about some of our summer opportunities, this being playing LIVE shows, Do stay tuned for this :) We would be grateful for sure, also we did get A  “skeleton” of A RANT Facebook page set up,,,,SOOOO do try to say Hi  https://www.facebook.com/rantanroll Stay in touch with us you guys :) and look for us LIVE this Spring :) Solid, Right On, and as always..Peace.  Today is 2-17-2015 ! Been a minute since RANT has said good morning Folks….RANT say’s Hello :) Anyway we have been writing and Rehearsing for live spring shows ( so Excited ) We will have much more to talk about so very soon..TIL Then please don’t forget about us….WE need you’s. do check out ” DANCE AND LIE ” by RANT :) thank you MUCH.  Peace, Right On, Solid. Before We go do check out some Art at this site…. jessicacummingsart.com Today is 12-19-2014 and it’s one week from Christmas…crazy busy as we all are :) New’s is going to be dominated by ( NEW BAND) ” RANT ” this band was formed out of lable ( running with Scissors music ) in Eureka Springs, AR.  Basically , Charmaine Coker / vocalist and  john Cummings / guitar got together to write couple tunes..and after writing 1 song we kinda looked at each other an said ” ya know I think what we are doing is a bit different than what we were hearing out there, and even if not different it had something ROCK in it :) We wanted to take it to the STAGE… where it all goes down, ” but living in a small town has it’s musical difficulties butt out of nowhere LARRY the Drummer / drums, appeared, couldn’t believe it, after that  we made a call ( or two) to Aaron Walker / bass, he came by to give listen, and was in :) So here we are RANT, with new music for you’s to check out on the Stage in a City close to you all, much more to come as time unfolds, Enjoy the Holiday’s the best you all can givin the situation you’s are in :) Merry Christmas from RANT and Running With Scissors music :) OLDER DAILY POST :  Today in Daily News, daily news in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, Home of Running With Scissors :) It’s Weekend and that’s the best NEW’S, We are Rehearsing for some live show’s, this will be interesting for sure, MIGHT turn into a Totally New Project…brought to you by Running With Scissors, this will be a stripped down in your face, RAW, Project to say the least :) Please Stay tuned to, Well yes this will be a New Band… no name just yet, sometimes when you meet and work with different folks to make music, you just click with each other annnnnd you want to take it to the STAGE ” YA I CRIED TWO TEAR’S IN A BUCKET…FUCK-IT LET’S TAKE IT TO THE STAGE ” House Party :) anyway this is what has happened, and excited about it, Everyday is A new Day :) Peace folks runningwithscissorsmusic.com  Also in Daily New’s :   R.I.P. Wayne Static :( Running With Scissors as well as Many, Many others will miss you. http://t.co/QXj1YZL7EW  On lighter note, also in Daily NEW’S…. NEW SINGLE by  Running With Scissors,,,, ” To Dust ”  Caution if driving While listening  you better watch your speed :)) this tune make make you step on the gas abit, Running With Scissors rehearsing for live shows, look for us in a city near you. Peace and thanks to all you’s for taking the time for us. thank you, thank you thank you thank you, PEACE PEACE PEACE PEACE . Don’t forget recently released as well ” Victoriloss ” this is a abstract rock opera rockpunk, modern day ” Meatloaf ” sounding tune.


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